Technical school opens in Qacha’s Nek


Qacha’s Nek- Rea pele operators Academy celebrated its grand opening at Qacha’s Nek on Saturday with the likes of Gudoza and Cablo Nice gracing with their presence. This initiative no doubt proved the love Makatleho Kimane and her team has for the Mountain Kingdom.

According to the organizer the society of Qacha’s Nek has suffered for long. She reflected on many events where road construction were made in their district, nonetheless, they were not hired because they did not have the know-how of the machines that were used.

“So, it actually triggered that I should come here to provide with what we do best. Especially because there are construction projects that are yet to be done in this district so if they have this certificate they will be a possibility of them getting hired”, she said.

Kimane says it is important for people to get hired because that way they can fight poverty thereby living a healthy life. She articulated another importance as the increasement of the country’s economy.

Rea pele operators Academy is a registered technical school which has been operating for the past seven years working towards reducing unemployment through providence of training of dump truck, excavator, grader, fork lifting, TLB, dozer and others. It provides with TVD certificates.

It offers three months training which entails the theory and practical part. The theory is said to be the safety of how to handle these machines while at the field.

“These machines are dangerous and need to be handled with care”, Kimane made known.

Qacha’s Nek is the second to Maseru district where Rea pele Operators Academy delivers its services and the plan is offer them in all the ten districts of Lesotho.

The classes will commence in a week’s time.

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