“… Let’s have patience and endurance”

When it initially started it was known as Honours & Arts with four members and its aim then was never to be a competing brand. It was only a group of friends who in mind had an idea of producing bucket hats for themselves. It is the as crew continued with their production that one of them realized the talent his close friend had regarding arts and that what he could do if he concentrated on it was over perfect.
The name later changed to “Nobodies” clothing brand following the inclusion of the new member Masupha Makhetha. And now, the brand aims to impact the fashion industry in the major way with Dalitso Kagwa and Phoka Thene who is also the founder of Wear Local Friday adding to total of three members as the driving wheel behind it.
“It is a rare and incredible feeling to find someone with the same school of thought as yours, when we both recognized what Nobodies can and will do the aim just manifested and we had to get to work. Not everyone was on board with us but that too put a drive to do something great”, the trio said answering the sway behind the whole objective.
According to them, the name nobodies was chosen because of it is a riddle as nobodies can mean whatever it means to anyone.
“The interpretation you have, can be different from what the person next to you thinks it means or what we intended it to mean and we love that whole discussion around it. Within it are a lot of meanings like the brand is nobody’s to claim, or if you take away all the titles and status we are all just Nobodies, or with the unique nature in which we make our products. No one else can claim what is yours,” they made known.
Despite the fact that due to it being flaccid it would be misunderstood and misjudged, they take the most important meaning of Nobodies as a feeling; a feeling of belonging.
The aspiring entrepreneurs who are so far satisfied with the support they get, also voiced that a lot of people understand their products because of its conundrum. It is as the interview progressed that this paper learned “Nobodies” is not part of the boring trend with a solid creativity formula, nonetheless their ingenuity happens on a daily basis from something as simple as a break down meeting of their next move.
On the question of how they reach their market the National University of Lesotho Scholars who use bright colors because color seems to draw people’s attention said,
“Given the unconventional nature of our brand and how it can be hard to explain sometimes, we believe in the policy of applying our best and letting the work sell itself with other marketing strategies used as pillars. Recently Basotho are beginning to feign interest in locally produced products in their masses, this means the market has widened demographically and geographically. This Fluctuation has prompt us to use of social platforms like NALA Market, Maseru Market, Wear Local Friday, Entrepreneurship expo and Roma Community Market, and social media like Facebook has been an incredibly helpful bridge between us and our consumers,” uttered the triangle that feels they have well defined themselves so differently from the local brands, thereby leaving them incomparable.
Concluding the interview they urged every Tom and Jerry to follow whatever dream they want to achieve.
“Complaints and negativity aside let’s have patience and endurance”, the said.

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