BGF, LWA empower youth

MOHALE’S HOEK-BAM Group Foundation (BGF) along with the Lesotho Work camps Association (LWA) on Friday held the entrepreneurship seminar for St. Stephens High School, Matsie, Bonhomme and Mohale’s Hoek High School as the host.

The main maneuver was postulated to be the empowerment to the said high schools co-operatives.

Addressing and welcoming these organizations, Mohale’s Hoek High School (Movers) Principal Malamame Ntai showed that such initiatives are imperative as they lend a hand in the growth and development of the country. He went on to add that it is through these types of organizations that people get educated in all aspects of life.

“The future of our country is in the hands of this young generation, for that reason, educating them is chiefly working towards the country’s progression,” he said.

Ntai then pleaded with the students to listen carefully to what the panel had to say.

The session started off with introduction of the panelists who were going to discuss life experiences thereby empowering every scholar that had graced the event with their presence. The discussion entailed amongst the topics, peer pressure, entrepreneurial skills and psycho social support.

Talking about peer pressure, one of the panelists Nthoana Mohapi showed that it is vital that everyone chooses friends wisely because through friends forward can we go or and vice versa.

“There are very persuasive people or rather friends, which is a very good thing only if they induce you to do good things that will help towards your bright future not alcohol or drugs,” he emphasized.

Accentuating the danger of drugs and alcohol, he voiced that once one starts using them, “no doubt, you become vulnerable to diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Yes! Everyone is vulnerable, needless to say, when you start with all this the chances increase.

“Drugs can also destroy your life, so be careful to avoid them at all costs,” he said.

It is as the seminar progressed that each co-operative outlined challenges they come across in their line of work, such as; lack of leadership skills, draught to those who plough, lack of electricity to some of the schools and also lack of know how regarding entrepreneurship skills.

“One other thing that kills us the most is being dependent on each other. It does in way because we on “if they do not do it then why should I?” as a result, we ultimately get to nowhere,” uttered one of the St. Stephens High School co-operative member Amohelang Malefane.

Meanwhile, the Master of Ceremony and also Acting Director of LWA, Mosa Mashaile Manyeli refused not to be part of the people giving out advices here and there with the little time she got.

In a way of answering the defies of these aspiring scholars, she told them: “no matter what you come across in life if one is determined they will succeed. She added by telling them that nothing beats passion.

“Be passionate about everything and watch when you conquer life. In everything you do. You are the one who knows what you want, then go for it and don’t allow anything or anyone come between you and your dream.

Analytically saying what he has learned from the whole session, the Form E student from Mohale’s Hoek High School, Letsie Lerotholi said he learned that in life fear will not take anyone further; but the only thing that will take you places in confidence.

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