AYP bringing light to the new generation


Members of Academic Youth Progress AYP took a responsibility to shed some light to Lesotho youth on how to defeat poverty and unemployment rate in the country without having to rely totally on government to create jobs for them. This was made through an Entrepreneurship Exposition which was presented by AYP and took place at the National University of Lesotho NUL campus in Netherlands Hall on Saturday.

The Expo which was under the theme; turning a buying society into a producing and selling society  was aimed at promoting local entrepreneurs by giving them an opportunity to display, market and sell their products and services. The other purpose of this first event of its kind was to motivate and give hope to the aspiring entrepreneurs.

Addressing the gathering, the chairperson of AYP Kopano Sekhoari indicated that Youth have the ability and power to change the whole world for the better if they can be well guided.  Lesotho could be the best country and be counted among world wealthiest nations, only if Basotho can support each other.

‘It has come to realization that there is no patriotism in this kingdom, we don’t support each other at all. We give support to foreigners more than we do among st ourselves. It is for that reason therefore, that AYP aims at reuniting Basotho in the business industry in all possible ways. Produce local, Buy local,’ Said the chairperson.

He added by showing that a Circle of hope and Change (AYP) focuses mainly on organizing career guidance for high school students across the country and steering the love of entrepreneurship among Basotho Youth.

AYP is a youth organization which has a long-term vision of opening AYP Technical school of Business and a short-term vision of launching a youth magazine which is named Power of Youth Magazine sometime this year.

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