“It’s not easy, but passion gets you there”

It is a duo of Basotho youth who believe that passion beats everything. It is a driving force behind the clothing brand Blank slide; Blank slide takes credit of the modernized “Seanamarena” caps lately worn in the streets of the Mountain Kingdom. They pride themselves in the quote “do what you love and spend the rest of your life doing nothing”. Hear their story and one is left in awe and wondering if indeed education is really a key to success like it has always been preached since the beginning of time.

Ten months ago they started this unique clothing brand. In as much as they design many things, which among them include Maseru City T-shirts, caps took the first step and were recognized within a short time.

“The whole ideas of caps came from the realization that tailors or rather fashion designers have come with concept of sewing well-run coats with seanamarena blankets. From that it triggered my mind, so if this is the case, this means I could also design caps then boom! There…” said one of the partners ‘More Ralefifi.

Ralefifi also shared that it is central that people know and embrace their culture for it is only through culture that a person is going to know their real roots,

“Hence the theme”, he made known.

Talking about the target market he reminisced thus;

“In the beginning we focused on selling to everyone. We nonetheless, as it tick tacked realized that people who were interested and had a better understanding of our product were older people, thus age 25 and above.”

He then added that it is through this finding that they were sure of who their target market is. A 21 year-old aspiring entrepreneur postulated that they are so far getting all the support they need and this on the other hand makes this brand grow to their satisfactory up to now.

“We are rising; right now there is one shop we are supplying with our clothing and this I should say is the leading accomplishment of the business, yes there are some of the successes like reaching the market but that one takes the cake”, he stressed.

There is here, as in all countries advantages and disadvantages, thereby leaving blank slide part of the menu. They are still some defies they come across.

“Sometimes the demand becomes high conversely, you find that the supply is low and again we also cannot sell our products internationally,” revealed a young man who according to him peer pressure still remains an obstacle for many dreams to come true.

The partner of  Lebona Mohale who believes that a good entrepreneur entails risk taking, creativity and problem solving concluded by advising.

“It is not easy, it has never been easy, it will never be easy, but trust me, passion will get through all the gates and finally your dream.”

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