As the way of working towards the development of the National Strategic Plan II (NSP II) that was assigned by the government of Lesotho the National University of Lesotho NUL in partnership with the department of Science and Technology from the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology will host National University of Lesotho International Science, Technology and Innovation Expo and conference (NULISTICE 2018) with the aim of presenting and discussing innovational businesses which can contribute to the economy growth!

According to the Vice Chancellor of NUL Prof. Nqosa Leuta Mahao the country like Lesotho needs Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) to reduce problems such as unemployment because innovation can lead to entrepreneurs.

“We are even at the starting a new strategy of wanting to produce different graduates from the one we used to produce. We want to produce graduates who do not depend so much on being hired. We want them to create jobs for themselves and others as well”, Mahao said.

He is of the view that innovation can make a country generally.

Elaborating more on the NULITICE the lecturer from the Faculty of Science Mosotho George the official opening of the conference will happen at the Manthabiseng National Conference by the Right Honorable the Prime Minister Dr. Thomas Motsoahae Thabane on Monday the 22nd at 8.00am.

“The conference is going to happen for three days. Then still part of the NULISTICE, on the 22nd we are going to have expo which is opened for everyone with an innovational businesses”, he exposed. The expo has so far has 180 people which are mostly NUL students.

He further unveiled that there will also be the business competitions which is opened for every graduate and students from any tertiary institute namely; Startup Weekend which will take place at NUL Campus from the 19th to the 21st, CODERINA University Challenge which also opened for the same audience, then lastly comes ideas turned into business which is exclusive to NUL students only.

“On the 23rd there is going to the Skill Up training where all contestants will be given the education on entrepreneurship and STI”, George outlined.

This magazine also found out that the business competitions are proudly sponsored by Post bank with the total sum of M100 000.

For their part the Department of Science of Technology, they said they are grateful to be part of the STI conference and that they appreciate the fact that NUL is considering changing the curriculum so that the can produce entrepreneurs and not people who depend on being hired.

The conference will be officially closed with the Gala Dinner by the school’s Chancellor His Majesty King Letsie III at Avani Maseru on Thursday the 25th.

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