The language in Quthing affects pass rate


Education and Training Minister Mokhele Moletsane

The Minister of Education and Training Mokhele Moletsane says one of the reasons that still hinders Quthing district to pass well is the language they mostly use which is not sesotho; the mother tongue. Mokhele addressed this at the press conference yesterday.

Quthing remains the last district with 55.0% pass rate, however its pass rate has increased with 0.8%. This district came last thus been position ten for the past 14 years consecutively.

Asked what the ministry is doing to solve this problem, Mokhele said,

“The policy to address this language barrier issue will be tabled before the parliament. This however does not mean the language is the only thing that makes Quthing perform badly”, he said.

The minister then revealed that this year a total of 21 620 candidates had registered for the examinations. Went on to show that 21 314 of this sat for the examinations and the 312 did not write.

“This year there has been an increase in the percentage of learners obtaining first and second class passes while there is a drop in the number obtaining Merit and Third Class passes while the total pass rate has also increased slightly in comparison with last year’s results”, he publicized.

Revealing that there are 288 candidates who passed with first class with merit, 1388 with first class pass, 10 641 with second class, 2377 with third class and 6620 who failed; Mokhele congratulated all those who passed especially Lefeta Neo Mots’elisi from Lesotho High School who came first in the country.

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