Ba re ne re does it again!

participants from last year’s festival

The 13th January 2018 will mark yet another Ba re e ne re Literature Festival at Machabeng College between 12:30 and 18;00 with this year’s theme; “Decolonizing Learning”. All this is brought to you by Ba re e ne re organization in partnership with Alliance Françoise, Nala Project Community Market and Machabeng College.

This year’s festival includes many activities.

“Audiences can look forward to a film screening at Alliance Françoise on 12 January at 5pm, live performances by local artists, panel discussions and a Keynote address by African Leadership Centre 2015-2016 Fellow and Executive Director of Gem institute Mpho Letima”, reads the press release by the organizers.

The press release also show that the panel discussion will be on four different topics; perspective on museum/gallery curation, exploring critical literatures, combining fine art and literature and young writers reflecting on writing and publishing.

Ba re e ne re is a registered educational organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of Basotho people by promoting initiatives that support improved literacy and creative platforms for expression. Through their work, Basotho, and youth in particular, access training and outlets to practice literacy and share the unique stories Lesotho has to offer with local and international audiences.

Their flagship project is the Ba re e ne re Literature Festival, first held 2011 the late founder Liepollo Rantekoa. The festival is an annual international literary arts event, which brings writers, readers and leaders together to share ideas and creative works.

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