Launch of LeToFe Sounds of Blue Sponsorship 2017

Standard Lesotho Bank today unveiled a new vibrant brand “letofe sounds of Blue” as it is now called.
According to the Chief Executive of Standard Lesotho Bank Mpho Vumbukani the bank has been the main sponsor of Lesotho Tourism Festival (Letofe for over 12years now. Effective from this year the bank have reached initiative hence the name Letofe: Sounds of Blue. He stipulated that the festival is the banks flagship sponsorship and it resonates very well with the bank’s brand.
Vumbukani stated that over the years standard Lesotho Bank and Letofe have been inseparable and as the bank they feel that this is very important contribution that they are making towards the promotion of arts and culture in Lesotho and the rest of Africa because as Standard Lesotho Bank and the Standard Bank Group are the greatest supporters of arts on the continent.
In addition Vumbukani clarified that the bank investment should not be taken only in the light of bringing great entertainment to Basotho but take into consideration, the economic spin offs that Basotho stand to derive out of this initiative even though they may not quantify the value of business to be derived from the festival, we know that scores of revelers from the SADAC region and beyond do come numbers to attend the festival.
In extent appreciation for welcoming other partners for the event being Alliance Insurance, Metropolitan Lesotho and Public Eye for their contribution he also acknowledged the new partner on board being Vodacom Lesotho who have just joined this year.
However in the press briefing festival promoter Montoeli ‘Moleli revealed that Legendary Hugh Maselela would no longer be performing due to his recent complicated health condition. However sounds of blue will still have a very powerful that will excite the audience. Nathi is said he will be the replacement to compensate for Bro Hugh.
What is also special for the 2017 edition of Letofe Sounds of Blue is that we they will be honoring Lesotho’s very own legend, the late Frank Mooki Leepa of Sankomota. Frank was a master musician and composer of distinction who represented Lesotho with aplomb at home and abroad. The show will be hosted in his memory.

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